Rough Diamonds

Raw diamonds also known as rough diamonds are those that are yet to be processed and polished. They carry impurities along with diamonds so that they need to be scanned, cut, and polished. Rough diamonds come in different colours, shapes, with very little or no shine. They can be extracted naturally and even synthetically cultivated diamonds.

Polished Diamonds

We (Diagrown) produce Lab-grown diamonds (Gem quality)of high quality that includes Colorless, Blue, Pink, and Yellow, which has obvious advantages in size and quality over natural diamonds.

Cultured diamonds, also known as Lab-grown diamonds, man-made diamonds, synthetic diamonds, or pure grown diamonds, are composed of the same chemical crystal as natural diamonds and exhibit the same fire, scintillation, and sparkle. Cultured diamonds are produced by Huanghe Whirlwind using a technological innovation that yields diamonds of exceptionally high quality and purity. Are lab Grown Diamonds real? Yes, lab-grown diamonds are of the same quality as mined diamonds, which are made in the lab for several weeks. However, lab-grown diamond price is much lower than mined diamonds. The cut of the diamond, created in the laboratory, is necessary to reveal its beauty. Rated by category. Excellent/Very good/Good and Satisfactory.

Diagrown is available in the highest quality cuts, "Excellent" and "Very Good". Round diamond with 57 facets is recognized as the most beautiful and popular form of diamond cut. In addition to the round diamond, there are often "fantasy" forms: princess, Marquis, oval, pear, emerald, baguette, heart, radiant, and others.

Lab Diamonds Jewellery

As they say, Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend. Indeed! Diamond jewellery has been very precious to women for ages. Diamond jewellery showcases a multitude of different categories to choose from and pick the pre-eminent. With modernization and rapidly evolving fashion trends, diamond jewellery and its designs are also changing with vogue. There are hundreds of lab-grown diamond jewellery brands that claim to sell good-quality lab-grown diamonds in India. Still, only some prove it with the utmost customer satisfaction and certified best-quality lab-grown diamonds. proves its tranquillity and eminence in the lab-grown diamond jewellery industry. Our lab-grown diamond jewellery designs are expressly created, keeping in mind the current tendencies and conveying the need for little yet elegant everyday jewels. Searching for your favorite diamond jewellery online can be a tedious task; Diagrown brings you the right and reliable platform to browse through an outstanding collection of lab-grown diamond jewellery with the most reasonable prices to add some trendy twinkle to your day-to-day appearances.

Diagrown gorgeous collection is stirred by the modern and global trends divulged across esteemed international fashion weeks. We bring you more than 100+ diamond jewellery designs to select from, including striking pendants, gorgeous necklaces, magnificent earrings, salient bracelets, and exquisite rings for women. We present a wide range of affordable lab-grown diamond jewellery. Buy diamond jewellery online at Diagrown embossed with different varieties like Yellow-Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold of 14 karat Gold.

About Us

Diagrown has historically been one of the leading suppliers of lab-grown diamonds and Jewellery. The firm has the Diamond Manufacturing facility in India, which is built with automated production machines, and digitally controlled by highly qualified professionals, along with detailed preparation, quick and efficient output, and effective production of the modern age quality management system.

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